REVIEW: Matthew Bourne’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’, Birmingham Hippodrome

Two young lovers lie atop a mortuary slab, their bodies lifeless, their white clothing drenched in blood.  So begins Matthew Bourne’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’, a re-imagining of William Shakespeare’s classic story, now set in a psychiatric hospital, the Verona Institute, some time in the near future. This graphic opening image is the equivalent of Shakespeare’s … Continue reading REVIEW: Matthew Bourne’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’, Birmingham Hippodrome

REVIEW: ‘On Your Feet!’, Birmingham Hippodrome

Direct from the West End, ‘On Your Feet!’ brings the rhythm revolution to the Birmingham Hippodrome as part of its national tour.  This biographical musical tells the inspiring true story of Emilio and Gloria Estefan, charting their humble beginnings as Cuban immigrants on the streets of Miami, to their rise to international stardom. Featuring some … Continue reading REVIEW: ‘On Your Feet!’, Birmingham Hippodrome

REVIEW: ‘Venice Preserved’, Swan Theatre, RSC

Prasanna Puwanarajah directs a new version of Thomas Otway’s Restoration political thriller, ‘Venice Preserved’. In the shadows of Venice, a dark conspiracy is formed.  A group of discontented rebels plan to revolt against the Senate, shedding as much blood as possible in the process.  Jaffeir and Belvidera are caught up the conspiracy, and loyalties are … Continue reading REVIEW: ‘Venice Preserved’, Swan Theatre, RSC

REVIEW: ‘As You Like It’, Royal Shakespeare Theatre, RSC

When Rosalind is banished from court by her Uncle, the Duke Frederick, who sees her as a threat to his rule, she and her cousin Celia flee to the Forest of Arden. Disguising themselves so they won’t be recognised, what ensues is a comic tale of cross-dressing, love triangles and witty repartee. Kimberley Sykes returns … Continue reading REVIEW: ‘As You Like It’, Royal Shakespeare Theatre, RSC

REVIEW: ‘The Provoked Wife’, Swan Theatre, RSC

Lady Brute is unhappy in her marriage to drunkard and coward Sir John Brute. When she falls in love with a younger man, she is torn between faithfulness to her husband, and her desire for Constant.  Phillip Breen returns to the RSC to direct John Vanbrugh’s riotous Restoration romp, ‘The Provoked Wife’. With its adulterous … Continue reading REVIEW: ‘The Provoked Wife’, Swan Theatre, RSC