FEATURED: Full Casting Announced for Donmar Warehouse’s ‘Teenage Dick’


The full cast for Teenage Dick, playing at the Donmar Warehouse from 6 December to 1 February, has been announced.

The full cast joining the previously announced Daniel Monk as Richard and Susan Wokoma as Elizabeth of York in the Donmar Warehouse’s upcoming production of ‘Teenage Dick’ will be Callum Adams, Siena Kelly and BAFTA Award nominee Ruth Madeley – each of whom are making their venue debut – and Alice Hewkin.

As winter formal gives way to glorious spring fling, Richard – the class loser – lusts for power at Roseland High.

After years of torment due to his hemiplegia, Richard plots the ultimate rise in power: to become president of his senior class. But like all teenagers, and all despots, he is faced with the hardest question of all: is it better to be loved, or feared?

Directed by Donmar Artistic Director Michael Longhurst, the production will feature design by Chloe Lamford, lighting design by Sinéad McKenna, sound design by Ben and Max Ringham, video design by Andrzej Goulding, choreography by Claira Vaughan and casting by Anna Cooper.


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