FEATURED: Kiln Theatre Announces Part of 2020 Season


The Kiln Theatre has today announced new shows that will form part of its upcoming 2020 programme.

This season continues to amplify unheard voices which speak to our times; whether it’s the young African American male in this time of Black Lives Matter or the idea of ‘Culture’, who owns it and who appropriates it in the Middle East, or the voice of the white working class community in the North of England. This work together reflects the connectivity and humanity of our diverse communities. Today, Kiln Theatre announces three extraordinary plays directed by three Artistic Directors.

Inspired by Waiting for Godot and the ExodusAntoinette Nwandu fuses poetry, humour and humanity in ‘Pass Over’, a rare and politically charged new play which exposes the experiences of young men in a world that refuses to see them.

The production will be directed by Kiln Theatre’s Artistic Director, Indhu Rubasingham, featuring design by Robert Jones. Paapa Essiedu stars, with further casting to be announced.

This is the story of two young black American men who are deeply troubled by the lack of their American Dream and the lack of a promised land.’ Antoinette Nwandu (Playwright).

‘Pass Over’ will run at the Kiln Theatre from 13th February to 21st March.

In their first collaboration, the RSC and Kiln Theatre present ‘A Museum in Baghdad’, which transfers to the Kiln Theatre after a run in Stratford-upon-Avon.

In 1926, the nation of Iraq is in its infancy, and British archaeologist Gertrude Bell is founding a museum in Baghdad. In 2006, Ghalia Hussein is attempting to reopen the museum after looting during the war.

Decades apart, these two women share the same goals: to create a fresh sense of unity and nationhood, to make the world anew through the museum and its treasures. But in such unstable times, questions remain. Who is the museum for? Whose culture are we preserving? And why does it matter when people are dying?

Directed by Erica Whyman, the production will feature design by Tom Piper, lighting by Charles Balfour, music and sound by Oğuz Kaplangi, movement by Tanushka Marah, video by Nina Dunn and dramaturgy by David Greig and Pippa Hill. Casting for the London transfer is yet to be announced.

As a culture, we rarely touch on Middle Eastern stories in the consideration of history in Europe and when we do it’s always from a Western point of view. The responsibility of telling this important story is not one I take lightly. To now have the opportunity to put the play in front of a London audience at a theatre I’ve long admired is extremely exciting.‘ Hannah Khalil (Playwright).

‘There’s no way of escaping the fact that we, as a nation, are looking long and hard at our position within the wider world, which is why it feels like an appropriate moment to reflect, not only upon the state of our own nation, but also upon what nationhood means to us today.’ Erica Whyman (Director).

Hannah Khalil’s play will run at the Kiln Theatre from 22nd April to 23rd May.

Out of Joint’s revival of ‘The Glee Club’ celebrates the shared experiences and close bonds between a group of unlikely friends.

It’s the Summer of 1962. The hard-working, hard-drinking members of the Edlington Miners’ Glee Club are preparing for their local gala. But as times change, they realise that the ‘good old days’ may not last forever.

‘I firmly believe The Glee Club is one of the great plays in the English language. It is a play for now because it’s absolutely about a nation at a tipping point. It also tells the story about a working-class community that makes its own art for itself.’ Kate Wasserberg (Director).

Richard Cameron’s poignant and hilarious comedy featuring hit songs will run at the Kiln Theatre from 4th to 27th June.


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