FEATURED: ‘Mites’, Tristan Bates Theatre


Sometimes I wake up in the morning and all the missed opportunities of my life stare at me, grind me down until I’m nothing. Nothing but dust.

A lonely woman, abandoned by her husband, lives in an isolated house with her outspoken, anthropomorphic cat, Bartholomew. One day she is visited by Ken, a Pest Controller, who claims to be her ex-husband returned to her. Deceived by his lies and obsessed with memories of the past, the woman accepts Ken into her life, despite the sceptical protestations of Bartholomew. As her self-deception grows and Ken’s true intentions become clear, how will she survive the competitive machinations of her two male companions? And is there more to Bartholomew than meets the eye?

The world premiere of psychological thriller ‘Mites’ comes to the Tristan Bates Theatre this October.

A new darkly comic, absurdist play by James Mannion, Mites is a sinister exploration of the manipulation that lies beneath relationships, in particular of those who are mentally vulnerable in society.

Starring in the production are Claire Marie Hall as Ruth, Richard Henderson as Bartholomew and George Howard as Ken. 

With direction from Marcus Marsh, ‘Mites’ will feature design by Cecilia Trono, lighting by Daniel Spreadborough and musical composition by Ellito Lampitt. ‘Mites’ is produced by Becky Lyle.

Director Marcus Marsh comments, “I am really excited to maintain Blueleaf Theatre’s ethos of developing new writing, working with emerging playwrights and creatives. James has produced a ground-breaking script in Mites which tackles mental health head on and the absurdist style of the piece means it is something we are sure an audience will have never seen on stage before. The play’s exploration of the manipulation in relationships and the effect this has on an individual’s mental health are issues both James and I feel are very important in today’s society. We hope this production widens the conversation and provokes discussion amongst audiences”.

An allegorical interpretation of mental health based on personal experiences, Mites explores the emotional turmoil which accompanies descent into mental instability. It creates a web of mistrust, intrigue and control using an absurdist narrative to mirror the disorientating panic, paranoia and helplessness. It is a psychological thriller which centres on a worsening spiral of manipulation and gaslighting. Mites is an eviscerating take on the predatory and the vulnerable, autonomy and delusion which pushes boundaries and throws probing questions up in the air.

‘Mites’ will run at the Tristan Bates Theatre from Monday 7th to Saturday 26th October, with a press night on Wednesday 9th October.

Book your tickets now for this boundary-pushing production.


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