7 thoughts on “FIRST LOOK: ‘Les Misérables’ Concert, Gielgud Theatre

  1. I love musicals- as in a musical theatre fanatic. I am also obsessed with Les Mis- became a fan of it after giving the film a 2nd chance.

    What sounds crazy is that I have seen the stage show every other year- 2013 (community college- 3x), 2015 (July-West End with understudy as Jean Valjean), and 2017 (US Tour with understudy as Eponine). Seems to be a timing thing or a bit of a coincidence.

    Now its 2019- and hoping to see Les Mis again. Blumenthal Performing Arts in Charlotte decided to bring the US Tour back to Charlotte (my hometown) later this year. Yet- still don’t know if that is happening.


    1. So glad to hear you’re such a big fan of musicals! Les Mis is one of the best! I hope you’re able to catch it this year, let me know if you do 😁


      1. I do know what the next musical I will see this year is: Aladdin in September on the 11th.

        If Les Mis happens, will be either October or November- Blumenthal is bringing it that final week of October so part of November is part of when it is in here.


        1. Enjoy Aladdin! Unfortunately our Aladdin has its final performance this evening in London. I’ll be sad to see it ago, but hopefully we’ll be seeing it again soon.


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