FEATURED: ‘F Off’, Underbelly at the Edinburgh Fringe

F Off‘, Underbelly at the Edinburgh Fringe

‘As the extremes of social media kick up an unsettling and unsavoury stink, we are kicking off in response in true interrogatory style to put Mark Zuckerberg and his social media colleagues ‘on trial.’ With the growth in surveillance capitalism and data swaps to make any liberal blush, the question on our lips will be who really is to blame and who is following who? So we ask you, the audience to be the jury and the National Youth Theatre company will be the disrupters. All done with a heavy helping of humour, some knitting and hard-core experts’.

  Edinburgh Fringe audiences are set to become judge and jury in ‘F Off‘, a brand new commission written in response to the ongoing Cambridge Analytica Scandal.

  Delving into the darkest depths of social media, with a cast of 12 interrogating its highs and lows, the Facebook generation put social network on trial.

  Presented by the National Youth Theatre (NYT), ‘F Off’ is written by London Evening Standard’s “one-to-watch” Tatty Hennessy, and features direction from NYT Artistic Director Paul Roseby.

  ‘F Off’ was developed as a work-shop production at the West End’s Criterion Theatre in 2018, with 30 members of the NYT from across the UK. The production now receives its world premiere at the Fringe presented by the NYT who return following the sell-out success of ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist‘ at last year’s festival.

  NYT Artistic Director Paul Roseby OBE, said: “Inviting our young cast to leave social media for 24 hours in developing this show has unveiled a unhealthy over dependency on social media voyeurism and violation in equal measure. ‘F Off’ will stick a few digits up in the air and ask our post-millennials who is really to blame.”

  ‘F Off‘ runs at Underbelly’s Belly Button venue from 2nd to 25th August 2019.



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