FEATURED: YUCK Circus, Underbelly Festival Southbank/Edinburgh Fringe Festival

YUCK Circus, Underbelly Festival Southbank/Edinburgh Fringe Festival

‘Sugar, spice and everything nice? For YUCK Circus, it’s a hard no. With their award-winning acrobatics, high-flying aerials, absurdly funny confessions and a live Nutella binge, this all-female troupe is serving true Aussie humour on the international stage for the first time’.

  Following a storming premiere season at Fringe World and Adelaide Fringe, YUCK Circus makes their European debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The seven strong cast of elite circus artists are bringing their true personal stories of young womanhood to the stage and sky, using their award-winning mix of acrobatics, aerials and absurdly funny dance moves to rip into the grotesque of beauty standards, bougie art, tampons, and bloody gender stereotypes.

  YUCK Circus is the first full-length work from Creator and Director Georgia Deguara, whose company strongly champions the industry-wide movement for greater representation of strong female bodies and voices on stage.

  The show’s authentic new voice has already won Australia’s attention (and multiple awards including Best Emerging Artist at Adelaide Fringe 2019) in celebrating mateship and destigmatising “women’s issues” with genuine humour and cracking circus skills – from three high stacks, to hand-balancing, to the wince-inducing sideshow ‘blockhead’ – now set for the intimate surrounds of the Spiegeltent at Underbelly’s Circus Hub on The Meadows.

  Directed by Georgia Deguara and produced by Samantha Martin, the cast features Ella Norton, Jessica Smart, Brooke Duckworth, Karla Scott, Abbie Madden, Emily McDonagh and Georgia Deguara.

  Described as “everything contemporary circus should be” by Melbourne Fringe producer Danny Delhunty, YUCK Circus isn’t afraid to embrace the uncomfortable in making ‘gross’ entertaining for everyone, and challenge stigma along the way. YUCK Circus isn’t just throwing around women’s issues, it’s literally throwing women!

  Everyone and anyone are being called to get into YUCK Circus this Edinburgh Fringe, to celebrate women’s strength and the beauty of getting weird.


Get ready to witness a powerhouse of female circus performers kick art in the face!


Underbelly Festival South Bank 2019, Underbelly South Bank, 9th July (1 SHOW ONLY), 9.30pm – BUY TICKETS

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019, Underbelly Beauty Spiegeltent, 3rd – 24th August (19 shows), 4.30pm – BUY TICKETS



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