FEATURED: ‘Orpheus Descending’, Menier Chocolate Factory

Orpheus Descending‘, Menier Chocolate Factory

‘Lady is trapped in a loveless marriage, surrounded by intolerant people, living a boring small-town life. But when a wild-eyed charismatic drifter appears, a new life of love and passion suddenly seem possible. Everything will change as certainty, conformity and tradition are ripped apart’.

  Full casting has been announced for the Menier Chocolate Factory and Theatr Clwyd’s production of Tennessee Williams’ Deep South American drama, ‘Orpheus Descending’.

  Beginning its life as ‘Battle of Angels’, written by Williams in 1940, ‘Orpheus Descending’ is a modern-day retelling of the ancient Greek legend of Orpheus.

  First presented on Broadway in 1957, a revival, directed by Peter Hall, and starring Vanessa Redgrave and Kevin Anderson, ran on Broadway in 1989, running for 97 performances.

  According to Williams himself, “On the surface it was and still is the tale of a wild-spirited boy who wanders into a conventional community of the South and creates the commotion of a fox in a chicken coop. But beneath that now familiar surface it is a play about unanswered questions that haunt the hearts of people and the difference between continuing to ask them…and the acceptance of prescribed answers that are not answers at all.”

  Casting for this new revival will include Hattie Morahan (The Bletchley Circle, My Mother and Other Strangers, Beauty and the Beast) as Lady Torrance, Jemima Rooper (Atlantis, Little Shop of Horrors – Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre) as Carol Cuere, and Seth Numrich (Travesties – Broadway) as Val Xavier.

  Further casting is to include Catrin Aaron (Beulah Binnings), Michael Geary (Pee Wee Binnings), Valentine Hanson (Uncle Pleasant), Jenny Livsey (Eva Temple/Woman), Laura Jane Matthewson (Dolly Hamma), Mark Meadows (Jabe Torrance), Ifan Meredith (David Cutrere/Dog Hamma), Ian Porter (Sheriff Talbott), Carol Royle (Vee Talbott) and Carrie Quinlan (Sister/Nurse Porter).

  Directed by Theatr Clwyd’s Artistic Director Tamara Harvey, the production will feature set and costume design by Jonathan Fensom, lighting design by Tim Mascall and sound design by Gregory Clarke.

  ‘Orpheus Descending’ will run at Theatr Clwyd from 15th April until 27th April, before transferring to the Menier Chocolate Factory from 9th May to 6th July, with an official opening night on 15th May.


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