FEATURED: ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel’, The Egg Theatre, Theatre Royal Bath

Image result for The Scarlet Pimpernel
The Scarlet Pimpernel’, The Egg Theatre, Theatre Royal Bath

“Paris, 1792, and the French Revolution is in full swing. Whispers are rife that a mysterious band of bounders, led by a flamboyant masked hero, are helping French poodles – and their owners – escape to England. But who is the elusive and reckless daredevil?

The Scarlet Pimpernel transports audiences to revolutionary Paris, for a colourful adventure packed with plenty of songs, outrageous fashion, intrigue and derring-do!”.

  This Christmas, ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel’ is to open in Bath, running at Theatre Royal Bath’s egg theatre from 6th December 2018 to 13th January 2019, with an official opening night on 12th December.

  Based on the book by Baroness Orczy Co, adapted by award-winning playwright Christopher William Hill, the production sees the team behind last year’s critically acclaimed production of The Little Mermaid reunited, who were recently named winners of the 2018 UK Theatre Award for ‘Best Show for Children and Young People’.

  The cast will include: Dominic Allen, Emile Clarke, Phillipa Hogg, Laura Matthews and Dan Wheeler.

  ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel’ is produced by Theatre Royal Bath’s the egg, and Pins & Needles Productions, an award-winning female-led Director/Designer partnership, run by Director Emma Earle and Designer Zoe Squire, whose work has been described by The Guardian as “highly original and deliciously quirky”.

  Directed by Emma Earle and Joe Hufton, the production features design by Zoe Squire, composition by Jack Drewry, sound design by Jonathan Everett, and lighting design by Chris Swain. The production is sponsored by King Edward’s School, Bath.

  Regarding the production, Pins & Needles Productions’ Director Emma Earle and Designer Zoe Squire said: “For this Christmas adaptation of The Scarlet Pimpernel we’ve added lots more derring-do, twists and turns to the original story. We wanted to take a known title and bring it up to date with an exciting design which reflects the elements of disguise in the plot. The costumes are going to be fantastical with a real punk-esque feel and puppets to match. We’ve had a lot of fun collaborating with (playwright) Christopher on the nerd turned superhero idea, and the result is a very funny script packed with elaborate disguises, subterfuge and plenty of silliness that will entertain family audiences over the festive period.”

“This Christmas, visit the Egg Theatre to uncover the real identity of that master of disguise, the famed Scarlet Pimpernel! Horrible Histories meets Batman in this hilarious romp, jam-packed with elaborate hoaxes, buffoonery and nincompoops”.


The cast of The Scarlet Pimpernel.

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